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Maysum Biography

​Maysum , a renowned multi-media artist the first lipstick sculptor in Asia. She was also being awarded by 《HudsonMOD Mag》as ‘TOP 100 Most Attention People & Things’. In 2017, her multi-media artpieces and lipstick sculptors were exhibited not only in Asia but also in Europe.In the same year, She was nominated as one of the artists  the Fifth Asian Young Artists Nomination Exhibition.

Third winner of Tokyo international art fair out standing artist 2021.



As an innovative, avant-garde multi-media , Maysum is the creative director of her own multi-media creative brand wahahafactory, covering wide range of art forms including illustration, art direction and multi-media art creative, working along fashion, photography, art direction, illustration, painting, video and printed materials. She has published《shek kip mei street》,《Let  Art Bloom-from art to makeup》...etc.



She has collaborated with various fashion, beauty and consumer brands and units, including (name not listed in order) Giorgio Armani beauty, Disney, shu uemura, Chanel, Shiseido, Land Crawford, LCX, Helena Rubinstein, 7FAM, make up for ever, Leo diamond, Tuscan’s Creations, L’Oréal, Vivienne Westwood (A Life in Fashion Exhibition), Apivita,  vs sassoon, Fancl, YUBZ, 5CM, GROOVISIONS, le saunder ,Dove, Dior, LUCKY BRAND JEANS, Land Crawford, Giffarine, Clinique, Just diamond, Harbour City, Catalog, Jolly shandy, APM, DTC, MegaBox, HKTB and more. Her diverse experience creates a unique style accredited only to her and her artistic talent.





Wahahafactory is an international multi-media creation unit and was established in 2006. Our aim is to promote love and happiness to our partner and reader through creative work. And there is also a deeper meaning with Wahahafactory. We would like to work out some funny and inspiring work, thus to make Wahahafactory the most creative platform.




04 Feb- 11March 2023- After Meeting Cats  solo exhibition/《遇上貓之後的光》MAYSUM個展 at GATHER ART(序  空間/台灣)

22 – 25 March ART CENTRAL

18 - 21 May Affordable Art Fair HK

02 May- 30June <The way you belongs> Kubrick art  space solo exhibition




25 - 29 May ART CENTRAL

April- May first launch NFT< Time Traveler B01>

4 Aug -7 Aug 2022 Affordable Art Fair HK

26 Oct-20 Nov 2022「Cats light up my life」謝謝在麻煩的人生裡讓我遇上貓 ZTYLEZ ART SPACE

18-20Nov 2022 SG Affordable Art Fair Singapore

16Dec-18Dec2022台北插畫藝術節 Taipei Illustration Fair 松山文創園區



10 Feb Fashion brand-Intique X maysum illustration collaboration

13 Feb  Circle Foundation featured artist

7th-30th June 2021-HK Human Rights Arts Prize 2021 Goethe-Institut gallery 14F Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai.

1 June-27June 造字展solo exhibition

 7July -12July 2021-第十一屆台北新藝術博覽會art revolution Taipei 台北世貿一館  台北市信義路五段五號

19Aug-27Aug 雅俗共賞展-unban house gallery solo exhibition

4-12 Oct- JUST LISTEN exhibition-Artland gallery 3/f Lockhart centre 301-307

8-9 Oct」Tokyo international art exhibition-「Kidult」

Belle Salle Roppongi Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 7 Chome−18

9Oct  The third place winner of THE GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2021



7 Feb -9May     The 33rd annual Materials: Hard + Soft International Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition.  At the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

May04            "Black & White" Art Exhibition by Art Room contemporary online gallery-

                      ”social distancing lipstick sculpture “got         Honorable Mention awards


April                 YAF X maysum pollution project


5-6June          東京藝術博覽會 Tokyo International Art Fair 2018 BELLESALLE ROPPONGI

                             Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 7 Chome−18−18



1Dec2018-1Jan 2019      荷里活廣場 Happy Kissmas

1-3March                London Talented Art Fair

22 May  Austria Burt’s Bee X maysum chai tea lip balm crossover project and product launch exhibition event

7-8June                 東京藝術博覽會 Tokyo International Art Fair

18-28 July 2019  Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize | European Capital of Culture 2019

                          2019年當代藝術獎 - 國際當代藝術雙年展 by Porta Coeli Foundation –

                         Venue: The Lagopesole Castle

Sep 2019                New York artproduction featured artist

Oct 2019                 Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine - Issue 4 feature artist


April-June       「挺挺動物公創台灣校園巡迴展覽,嘉義南華大學,台中仁美國小

May                 THE HONG KONG JOCKEY CLUB COMMUNITY Arts PROJECT –creative aging   photo exhibition

25-26May           東京藝術博覽會 Tokyo International Art Fair 2018 BELLESALLE ROPPONGI

Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 7 Chome−18−18, 住友不動産六本木通ビル

16June-13July    CQIFS X maysum   my beauty lab口紅雕刻展西南首展/國金中心 L1中庭

 29-June             MADIA X maysum lipstick art crossover ART YOU CAN WEAR《藝術知性之旅》

29-Aug     FWD X maysum-Artist online adv- explore endless possibilities TVC

1 -31 Dec Hollywood plaza X maysum cosmetic remix x’mas exhibition


25-31Dec           亞洲青年藝術家提名展,北京市朝阳区天辰东路 11 号奥林匹克公园 水立方

                           Road  No. 11 Olympic Park, Chaoyang District Tianchen, Beijing city

26 Oct                Crabtree & Evelyn X’mas  Event

14-15 Oct         台中豐樂公園「挺挺動物公創展覽」,台灣

9 Aug-4 Sep     The Sunny Art Prize Exhibition, London

24-25 Feb         2017 London Art show at Parallax AF

15 Jun             Giorgio Armani beauty SKY di Gioia perfume bottle redesign and launch event collaboration

26 May            Crabtree & Evelyn First Ever Pop-up Cafe Event

Mar                  Hong Kong Shark Foundation donation campaign

27 Feb              society6 official online shop open

Feb2017          Clinz x Maysum膠原自生 workshop and promotion campaign

Jan                   Maysum x 林珍真 「為動物發聲-影片合作僅企劃」





Nov-Feb 16       Tuscan’s Creations x Maysum winter collection “Romantic Interpretation of a Winter Folk Story”

Dec                 Aivedette x Maysum Handbag crossover campaign

25 Nov             Lane Crawford cosmetic portrait VIP event

13 Apr              Valmont VIP art event

3-5 Mar            Valmont x make a wish x Maysum “Plump For Wishes” campaign

Jan                   成都時代.奧特萊斯Times Outlets  campaign





Dec                 Maysum x Leo diamond “Love is…….” illustration and animations crossover

6,13,20,27 Sep DFS LOYAL T x Maysum artist workshop

Aug-Sep          MAKE UP FOR EVER x Maysum「Artist Shadow Wonderland」Exhibition

21-22 Aug         K11 PARISIEN KITTEN CAFÉ EXHIBITON and cat cookies fund raising for cat society HK

6 Aug               Paul & Joe x Maysum x Amico “PARISIEN KITTEN CAFÉ EXHIBITON”

22 May             Collection d'artistes Event

4 Apr                7FAM x Maysum Lipstick Art Fashion Exhibition

19-22 Mar         Fancl 「MCO納米卸粧液」x May Sum「化粧、卸粧及唇膏雕刻」藝術展

5 Mar               Helena Rubinstein Compact Foundation launch

15-16 Feb         L’Oréal Magic Blur press event




21-27 Sep        MAKEUP FOREVER x Maysum “Portraits, Masterpieces made with cosmetics and Ceramic artworks” event and exhibition 

05 Aug             lipstick art x  Barbara film -- 《Girls  閨蜜》HK premiere

                        (Artistes: Fiona Sit, Ivy Chen Yihan, Yang Zishan, Shawn Yue and Vanness Wu)

Jun                   Methode Swiss x Maysum Thermal limited edition crossover campaign

27 Jun              14 Clinique Sonic system purifying cleansing brush campaign

18 Jun              shu uemura "beauty is in the eyes" campaign

26 May-7 Jun    Shanghai IFC lipstick exhibition, Shanghai

16-22May         Hong Kong Arts Centre-Comix Home Base collaboration

19 May             L’Oréal Paris x Maysum “false lash butterfly” crossover campaign

15 May             VeryFirstTo x Maysum exclusive floral Lipstick art launch

12 Apr-15 Jun   三位藝體展覽, 廣州紅磚廠藝術中心,廣州

23 Feb              L’Oréal Paris x Maysum foundation makeup workshop

7 Feb               Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Skin Foundation Stick&Art Stick of Ms. BOBBI BROWN and Katie Holmes

09 Jan-11 Jan   VALMONT x Maysum LIPSTICK art project, Beijing

Jan                  US Cosmopolitan with “Joanna Coles” Lipstick Project




Dec 12- Jan      Methode Swiss x Maysum tote bag crossover

1 Nov-31 Dec   Facess x Maysum Xmas crossover campaign

                        Lab concept X Maysum “SUMthing big is happening“ crossover campaign

6 Dec               SASSOU x Maysum art jam “The Little Garden In A Jar”

18 Oct              VALMONT x Maysum Platinum Suite Event

10- 31 Aug        T Galleria Hysan Place x 1st Asia Lipstick Sculpture Artist Maysum “Woman’s Power Lipstick Sculpture” Exhibition + Live Demo

8 May               PAPULEX x super bybie beauty press conference




Dec 2011-Feb STYLIN': Personal Expressions exhibition at LaBelle Salo

15 Dec             Maysum makeup workshop launch

08 Dec             BE X Collection x Maysum Xmas party makeup workshop

Nov-Dec           Land Crawford charity project-charity bear workshop and bear desig

Nov-Dec           SaSa Methode Swiss x Maysum tote bag design campaign + 8 Dec Collection cosmetic makeup workshop

22-28 Oct         Chow Sang Sang "Joyful Moment" Fine Art Face Project Exhibition at Festival Walk

21-27 Oct         Maysum Asia Art Tour first station at Shanghai Wheelock Square x Maysum lipstick sculpture

7 Aug               Sassou x Maysum body paint event

18-24 Jul          Maysum 《Let Art Bloom – from art to makeup》official launch

1 Jun-3 Jul        LCX x Maysum backstage exhibition

1 Jul                 Maysum 《Let Art Bloom – from art to makeup》pre-launch at LCX

1-26 Mar           LCX X GROOVISIONS collaboration project— "chappie + (chappie plus)"

Feb-Jun            CNE x Maysum collection2012ss






Dec                  Amenpapa x Maysum f/w tee collection

Dec                  Chow Sang Sang x YAF x Maysum “joyful moment” shop exhibition

1 Oct-1 Nov      Grand century place x Maysum Halloween exhibition

1 Sep               wahahafactory x artessorio “our dream bag” limited clutch collection

and W collection “my dream bag world wide design contest”

11 Jul -1 Aug    TDC gallery x Maysum “all you need is love” exhibition

Maysum x artessorio –super bybie animals collection

Maysum x keo W.-super bybie first 3D

Maysum x amenpapa -2011 ss tee collection

Maysum x lo wog (bako studio) makeup photography exhibition

Jun                   Maysum x catalog Koetic Friday-- glamour 70’s tee collection

Apr                   《Jessica code 8th 》celebration exhibition

29 Apr              Wahahafactory Diamond shaped 2011summer collection

Mar                  Melissa + Gaetano Pesce shoe design event at D-Mop

Feb                  Wahahafactory 2011SS Juicy Acorn collection

Feb                  shu uemura x Maysum “love lashes exhibition” at THE ONE






Dec                 ARTESSORIO (Holland) x Wahahafactory Asia crossover project - 2011spring collection

Dec                 Jolly shandy -- advisement illustration

13Nov-mid Dec Lane Crawford 160th anniversary fashion makeup exhibition

Nov                 Catalog x Maysum select shop interior illustration

Nov                 A Book of 'Graphics Alive 2' project released

Nov                 Amenpapa x Ztampz bible tee f/w2011 collection & Xmas collection design

13 Sep             Kiehl’s x Leo e-campaign

1 Sep               Kipling crossover promotion-- figurine design

13 Aug             Clinelle x Maysum umbrella design project

Jul                    London accessories – brand M9 x Wahahafactory crossover first launch at Magenta

Jul                    ARTESSORIO (Holland) X Wahahafactory Asia crossover project

Jun                   Amenpapa x Ztampz bible tee campaign

Jun                   Doraemon 40th anniversary artist crossover campaign


3D Doraemon figure charity for Children Cancer Foundation

May                 shu uemura Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 “Neo Tokyo Odyssey” false eyelashes campaign    

May                 wahahafactory ss10 collection “animals pattern 2 – back to 80s” launch

May-Jun           CUP Magazine 100th Issue Celebration “Hong Kong Diary” Photo Gallery and Charity Bazaar

1 Apr-15 May    Silvercord x Maysum “In the Wonderland” shopping mall exhibition

5 Feb-23 Mar    HK Tourism Board “Art In Motion” tram design campaign

Feb                  wahahafactory in 《flash back》illustration book release

Feb                  wahahafactory ss10 collection “animals pattern” launch

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